Arctic MX-5 Ultimate Performance Thermal Paste 4g


  • Perfect filling of micro-pores leads to lower thermal resistance – and may lead to stronger adhesion. Please refer to uninstallation video 'How to Properly Remove a CPU Cooler'
  • ARCTIC MX-5 is completely metal-free, eliminating the risk of short circuits, discharges and corrosion damage to the radiator bottom
  • Thanks to its viscosity, MX-5 is easy to apply. It spreads evenly and allows for a very thin layer regardless of the application method used
  • Can be used on CPUs, GPUs and power semiconductor components. Thanks to its excellent properties, the ARCTIC MX-5 can be used in many scenarios without hesitation
  • ARCTIC MX-5 can be applied in a particularly thin layer. In combination with its high thermal conductivity, this results in very low thermal resistance

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