Aigo darkFlash DR12 Pro Double Ring Addressable RGB Case Fan 5V ARGB Sync Hub + Wireless Remote 3in1 set / Single Add On Pack


  • DR12 PRO has RGB lighting effects, bright and soft, bringing you a rich visual effect experience.
  • Support 5V mainboard synchronization function, connect to the mainboard's 5V 3PIN interface to realize mainboard synchronization.
  • The wireless controller (included in 3 in 1 Pack) can change a variety of lighting modes, and the dedicated hub meets the use of multiple fans in series.
  • The 12cm fan has 7 blades, stable flow, high wind pressure and large air volume, and rapid heat dissipation.
  • Hydraulic bearing technology, strong magnetic drive, large oil storage space, reduce noise and extend the service life of the fan.
  • The four corners of the fan are equipped with damping pads to reduce the resonance between the fan and the chassis, maintain the stability of the fan, and have a significant effect of damping and noise reduction.
  • DR12 PRO supports fan speed control, and the dual-aperture ring displays a strong visual effect (Requires controller included in 3 in 1 Pack)
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