InWin Saturn ASN120 Triple Pack Addressable RGB 120mm PC Cooling Case Fan with ARGB Controller


  • Patented Modular Cable Design Connects to Each Fan, Meaning Only Cables that Connect to the Motherboard Need to be Routed.
  • Moves a Ton of Air with 77.17CFM and also are high pressure fans with 3.12mm/H2O.
  • Complementary One-Click Controller Controls Fand LEDs and is Capable of Controlling Other ARGB Enabled Components Simultaneously.
  • Controller Modes Can Be Cycled Manually By Pressing the Button or By Connecting the Controller to a PC Case’s Reset Button For Easier Access.
  • Transparent Striped Frame Presents a Unique Lighting Experience as the ARGB LEDs Penetrates Through the Rigid Frame.
  • Cools in Silence! Operates at a Quiet 35dB(A) and Eliminates Vibrations with Dedicated Shockproof Stands on Each Edge of the Frame.

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