Cougar QBX Mini ITX Ultra Compact Pro Gaming Mini-ITX PC Casing


  • A full, pro-level computer, including support for high-end graphic cards, up to 4 SSD, 7 fans with water cooling and much more, all in a compact case. QBX can fit almost anywhere you could want to put a computer in.
  • Pro-Cooling design: the openings and fan placements are located to ensure a constant fresh air flow. Independent Power Supply Airflow: T he air does not even get into the case, it c tools your PSU and gets out again. Compatible with Water Cooling Systems (Radiators up to 2 40mm with a single 120mm fan)
  • Supports Mini-ITX Motherboards: Full Capabilities, Minimum Space. Space for a 3.5" HDD + Up to four 2 .5" SSD or HDD: A world of High Speed Storage.
  • 1 slot loading Slim Optical Disc Drive Bay (slot loading Slim ODD) / SSD bay: Enjoy disc media formats or add more storage.
  • Support for up to 350mm Graphic Cards: Run every thing on the market, and do it smoothly .

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